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London office meeting centre

Workshops and Private Sales
Face-to-Face Learning and Sales Meetings

33 St James's Square, Mayfair
London SW1Y 4JS - United Kingdom

St James's Square is our venue for workshop meetings and private sales, where we may have tea while talking about the arts and the humanities. This custom remains an institution in a historic building brilliantly reinvented for the 21st century with fully-equipped meeting rooms, luxury lounges, conference rooms and an events space. To request the organization of a meeting or sale please contact us (by appointment only).

The district of Mayfair is known for its art galleries, including the world's top two auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, and St James's is one of its most exclusive areas, even more than the other neighbourhoods of Mayfair. It is among the most premium office locations globally, ranking along with the best areas of New York and Silicon Valley.

Also in central London, our Covent Garden office is a few minutes walk away. Covent Garden is a district renowned for its cultural events and surrounded by some of the best art museums and galleries in Europe. London plays an important role in our strategy because of its powerful African art market, to bridge the gap between online and offline as a global culture and business hub.