Collection African Sculpture

Passionate sculpture curators and collectors
Our Vision

Our vision is being able to have presence all over the world, reaching African culture lovers with our services so that they can enjoy the art of living in an authentic experience of contemporary and traditional Africa.

Our Values

- We care about our service standards and professionalism.
- We want to inspire Africans that when working well and with clear goals, everyone can succeed in their projects. Expertise is our main asset.
- We appreciate the authenticity of African heritage and its central role in the origins of human civilization.

What We Do

AFRICAN ART & DESIGN is a cultural education platform that connects people in a positive collaborative environment to explore the diversity of the African creative universe.

It responds to the needs of many people –who lack the knowledge and skills to purchase quality African artwork confidently– with a supportive network of experienced collectors, specialists and decor designers.

We do so by conducting a series of activities that educate the general public, simultaneously growing the interest of a global audience for the African styles and building deeper relationships with the community of artists, both online and offline.








Moba people - Togo
Tchichiri Ritual Figure - Late 19th century


Bamileke people - Cameroon
Cariatide Maternity Figure - Late 19th or early 20th century


Bembe people - Cameroon
Male Ancestor Figure - Late 19th or early 20th century


Douala people - Cameroon
Stool Throne - 19th century


Mende people - Sierra Leone
Sande Society Helmet Mask -


Lobi people - Ivory Coast
Couple Figures - Early 19th century